Don’t get caught
without a kit!

Make an emergency supply kit
and make sure everyone
in the family
knows where it is.
We’ll tell you
what to put inside.

Why are kids
attracted to fire?

Understanding what
goes on in your
child’s mind can help
you teach them to
respect fire and how to
stay safe around it.

are not playthings.

Some companies sell novelty lighters that can look like toys to kids. Keep them far away from where kids play. Better yet, don’t buy them at all.

There’s nothing
romantic about
burning curtains.

Always keep your
candles at least 12 inches
away from curtains
and any other flammable
household items.

Listen for the hissin’!

Here’s a great way to know if
your campfire
is really out. When
you put water on it, do
you hear a hissing
sound? If so, there are
still some burning

Stop the Chirping!

If a beeping smoke
detector is keeping you
up at night, replace the
batteries. Never remove
them, even temporarily.
Chances are, you’ll forget
to replace them later.

Children like to
press buttons.

Remember, no lighter
is totally child-proof.
But some lighters
are safer than others.
Only choose quality
lighters with a child-
resistant mechanism.

Keep danger at
arm’s length.

When lighting a grill,
you want your hands
and clothing as far
away from the flame
as possible. Use a
multi-purpose lighter
to increase your reach.

Always start with
a good base.

When a candle burns
all the way down,
it can conduct heat to
the surface it sits on.
Always use a thick,
nonflammable base and
don’t let candles
burn all the way down.

Education starts
at home.

This site – and BIC’s
play safe! be safe!®
program are valuable
teaching tools for
kids. Continue their
fire safety education
at home.

Always have
an exit plan.

Make sure your family
knows how to get out of
the house and where to
meet up in an emergency. Draw
up a map. And practice
your escape plan
at least once a year.

Obey the
3-Feet Rule.

Keep anything
flammable at least
three feet away from
a grill. That includes
napkins, tablecloths,
dry leaves, brush – not to
mention children
and pets.

Change clocks.
Change batteries.

Unless you have a
sealed unit with long-life
batteries, change
disposable batteries
at least twice a year.
Like clockwork!

Lock up your lighters.
Don’t leave lighters
out in the open.

You don’t have to put
them in a safe to
be safe, but do put
them in hard to reach
places like upper
cabinets or locking

BBQ Sauce.
Baking Soda?

Yup, baking soda
makes a great
fire extinguisher.
So keep a box
by the grill.
Right next to the
hot sauce!